Sine Machine, a new additive synth

Sine Machine is a new kind of additive synth

Sine Machine’s engine delivers an order of magnitude more oscillators than is reasonable for any synthesizer to have.

Hundreds of dots light up as you play. Each dot is an active oscillator. But don’t worry, they’ll only sip CPU…

Sculpt your dream sound

Want the odd harmonics to fade out faster? Want to delay the upper harmonics? You can sculpt your dream sound with the envelope editor and visualize each change you make to your sound.

Be a control freak

Want to set the release time for Harmonic 14 to exactly 2.9 seconds?

You can do that. Each harmonic has its own amplitude envelope (DADSHR).

Play it by ear

Sometimes you just want to play. Thousands of knobs can be daunting…. especially when half of them don’t seem to change the sound at all!

Sine Machine lets you see and hear every change. There’s no need to remember where the One Knob That Actually Does Something is hiding (currently, there are no knobs at all).

Rooted in psychoacoustics

From the default 1/f amplitude profile of the volume bars to morphing exponential curves of envelopes — each parameter is custom ranged and tuned to help you make beautiful sounds for other humans

Built from first principles

This is not a kitchen sink collection of off-the-shelf dsp building blocks.

Effects aren’t the same-old audio effects slapped on top. They are an intimate part of the synthesis engine itself. This gives you access to brand new sonic frontiers and per-harmonic effects never before possible.

Just a Microsecond

Sine Machine’s performance tolerances are measured in μs.

The engine is backed by hundreds of automated tests running across dozens of sample rates on MacOS, Windows and Linux.

Cleanest oscillators in town

Digital wavetable and FM synths work hard to filter and hack around noisy aliasing. Sine Machine is in full control of each and every harmonic, so it’s trivial to never produce a frequency over Nyquist.

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