Sine Machine

Additive. Multiplicative? Transformative!

hi, my name is sudara.

i’ve been building sine machine, an additive synthesizer, for the last 4 years.

it’s almost in beta! just wrapping up the last few features.

i’ve been accused of being a perfectionist. i’m just trying to do a decent job. that does turn out to be a pretty high bar when everything is in C++, wheels have to be reinvented, etc…

i guess i did rewrite the synth engine multiple times.

it now has 10k actual oscillators (500 per voice, 20 voices).

oh, and a couple lfos for each of those 10k oscillators… a true “additive beast.”

i also spent many many months reinventing wheels for plugins in general, like blur algorithms, a ui inspector, etc.

user interfaces are quite important to me. they define how we get to use and feel about our tools. for an instrument with up to 40,000 things happening in real time… a decent interface is critical.

anyway, this page will get more “salesy” once the beta starts. right now there’s no point in selling you on anything. if you like, you can plug your email in above if you want to get notified, or follow me on twitter.